Das 5. Element

A wonderful project initiated by Serge Malenfant for the city of Sherbrooke.

The 5th Element: The main theme of the mural should remind us, that we are all responsible of this fragile blue island of the cosmos, our mother earth, today and for the generations to come. All living species and our living planet need clean pure resources of water, air and fertile soil to survive.

The humble message of this mural is only a reminder of the importance of harmony and the life-giving fragility of the natural unspoken accord between the 4 elements.

In the centre of this serene room, a big glass/water globe is floating in the air supported by an unknowing force, a magical force, a mystical energy, a mystifying phenomenon that bonds the universe together, that is still a mind-bending mystery to humans.

The warm copper coloured symbols on the left-hand side, are universal and timeless. These symbols embody the 4 elements, they are represented in a modern architecture, an opened room of organic forms, where the element of air/wind can sail trough the scenery free and undisturbed. The generous openings in the rooftop support the flow of these elements. The tree and the flower terraces are the nourishing element of earth/soil. The water in the pool echoes the silence of space. The element of fire located in a niche of the stair’s, sends out a warm energy of welcoming light.

The family is the viewer, standing together at the opening, admiring and wondering where what created this the strange floating bubble of life. We are an inseparably link to the fifth element, connected to all.

The purpose of this mural is to focus our thoughts, if only for a brief moment and brings a very old familiar feeling, by experiencing in this instant all the elements.